We specially pack your medicines for better adherence results.
full frame of colorful capsule pills

Compliance packaging can be best defined as the customized organization of medications, mostly through blister packs, for an easier adherence to the prescribed medicines. These packs are your weekly guide and are specifically labeled to administer better medication adherence results.

At Grand Care Pharmacy, we can pack your medicines systematically based on your unique set of prescriptions. Consequently, you can avoid missing out on taking your medicines which could potentially complicate your current medical condition.

Furthermore, our packaging service doesn’t end there. We also consider external factors in doing so. For instance, we delve into the ingredients of your medicines and their possible effects due to some environmental factors. There are certain medicinal substances, like sodium valproate, that lose their integrity once taken out from their protective foil.

If you have a problem in properly adhering to your medications, visit our pharmacy to talk about our compliance packaging service. For questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.